Recognised as a leader in performance, range and support, Lumex is the trusted brand for Electrical Applications & Solutions throughout Australia.

Lumex is recognised as the #1 Australian Owned brand in LED lighting for 2015, 2014 & 2013. Whether it is energy efficiency, added safety, or reliability, every product is carefully crafted through the design process with inherent innovation and quality. A perfect balance of skill and imagination. Lumex supports a range of products to service the Electrical Industry.


Lumex Electrical Accessories

The Silica Switches and Sockets available in white or custom painted finished. A new Almina range of metal plate Switches and Sockets and the ECO Exhaust fan that saves up to 70% of direct energy costs, and up to 30% of heating and cooling costs.

Lumex Controls

The new LoadSmart GEN2 is smaller, smarter, and selectable. LoadSmart changed dimming forever. It was the first dimmer to conquer the difficulties of dimming LED, and deliver full range reliable dimming to a broad range of LED products.

Lumex LED Lighting

Lumex is the trusted brand for LED lighting. Lumex backs its innovative products with support programs including a professional lighting design service, EnerSpec™, full certification of its products and an industry leading 7 year warranty.

Lumex Industrial

In the Lumex Industrial range includes AquaChem, the industrial switchgear that’s ready for anything. Being Chemical Resistant as standard, now there’s no need to special order additional products for the more extreme environments.

MM&S Test Tags by Lumex

MM&S designs, manufactures, distributes and services the Electrical Wholesale Industry with superior value. It distinguishes itself from competitors with a unique business approach based on service, quality and innovation.

Redback Ladders by Lumex

Lumex is the national distributor of the Redback Ladders range which are manufactured with an industrial rating to withstand loads of up to 150kg, one of the highest load ratings available and comes with a two year warranty.